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Grafica Oro

Orologi d’Epoca e Moderni

Terms and Conditions


We try to display our watches in the best way possible through multiple pics and all the main info contained in the description.

Most of our watches are vintage or second hand. Little imperfections need to be considered as normal for pre owned watches.



If a watch has been recently serviced  by our watchmaker, or we know of a recent service, we will point out this important information in the lot description. It is not company policy to service every watch in our stock prior to selling it - only for the ones that require it. If it is your wish to service the watch before buying it, we will make it happen in a consumer friendly time frame of 4—6 weeks. 



We provide a 1 year warranty for our watches indepedently of the service. 



We like to discuss personally each deal with our clients. We will be happy to reply to all questions related to the watch conditions, payment, shipment etc.

All the infos and the specifications acquired by this messages exchange need to be considered as part of the deal.



Paid watches will be shipped in a reasonable time of 2 or 3 working days after the accreditation. 

We will use priority shipments using the most important international couriers depending by the destination of each watch. 

Any single need of our clients about a specific courier will be taken in consideration.

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