Rolex Gmt 1675 Gilt "Cornino"

Euros 29000

Rare and Collectible Rolex GMT ref 1675 "Cornino"
Made in 1960 this Gmt, called Cornino, has a pointed crown guard case. The case is completely unmolested with its wonderful shapes and bevels all preserved. Very sharp edges on the backsite of the lugs.
The dial is Chapter Ring, Gilt, with radium dots. The dial conditions are very good and under direct sunlight is easy to see that is turnig tropical.
The lume is original. 
The bezel is worn out but reflect the unmolested conditions of the watch that has been daily used but not adulterated. It's not easy nowadays to find not touched up collectible watches.
The Bracelet is a Fantastic American Ovolini made by JB Champion


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